Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply aiming to maintain your overall health, chiropractic care can be a powerful solution for achieving your goals. Results from chiropractic care come over time and there are various phases that patients typically experience as they progress through their treatment. To get the most from chiropractic care, patients should complete all phases of treatment. At Roach Family Wellness, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our patients with the highest quality chiropractic care possible. To learn more about how our Orlando chiropractor can help you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

How Chiropractic Treatment Works

Chiropractic treatment involves the manipulation of the spine to relieve stiffness and misalignments that can cause pain and inflammation in the body. The healing potential of the body is restored, resulting in reduced pain, improved range of motion, muscle tone, and mental clarity. The process is done manually, with skilled practitioners using their hands to apply controlled force in predetermined directions and angles. The chiropractic treatment follows three stages, each with different physical and functional goals. The length of these stages varies depending on the patient’s health and lifestyle habits. The body’s response to treatment is also a factor in the treatment timeline.

Phase 1: Acute Care For Pain Relief

The first phase of chiropractic relief is known as acute care, and its primary focus is to alleviate pain. Acute care involves a thorough examination of the patient’s musculoskeletal system to determine the source of the pain. The chiropractor will then identify the appropriate treatment techniques, which may include spinal adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic exercises. The ultimate goal of acute care is to restore the patient’s range of motion and quality of life.

Phase 2: Corrective Care For Rehabilitation

The corrective care phase of chiropractic treatment involves retraining muscles and joints to move correctly. This stage is crucial for rehabilitating poor muscle patterns and other underlying causes of the symptoms targeted by relief care. As you progress through this stage, your ranges of motion should improve and your pain should reduce. The corrective care stage is a critical part of the chiropractic relief process that sets the foundation for long-term recovery and improved quality of life.

Phase 3: Maintenance Care For Retention

The third and final phase of chiropractic care is vital in retaining the progress made in the previous two stages. In this phase, the frequency of chiropractic appointments is reduced as the body adapts to the adjustments that have been already made. This phase aims to maintain joint mobility, reduce any discomfort or pain, stabilize alignment, and prevent future joint damage. Patients should consider regular maintenance care to prevent an acute recurrence of pain or injury as they resume their daily activities. By choosing to remain consistent with maintenance care, patients can experience long-term benefits.