Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free option for pregnant people who want to prepare for childbirth and alleviate pregnancy-related symptoms. By focusing on manual adjustments of the spine and joints, chiropractors can help alleviate the pain associated with pregnancy symptoms like lower back pain, sciatica, and pelvic pain. Additionally, chiropractors can help prepare the hips and pelvis for childbirth, helping to ensure your delivery goes smoothly. At Roach Family Wellness, our Orlando chiropractic center has the knowledge and expertise to help our patients before, during, and after pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our prenatal and postnatal services.

Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Safe?

Prenatal chiropractic care from one of our trained chiropractors is considered safe. Many physicians and midwives recommend chiropractic care as an alternative approach to reducing pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. However, it is prudent that pregnant women consult with a chiropractor who has specific training and expertise in prenatal care to ensure that the adjustments are safe and in line with their specific needs. Before chiropractic care, consult with your OB-GYN to ensure all aspects of treatment are safe for your body and tailored to your specific needs. With appropriate care and an experienced chiropractor, chiropractic care can be a safe and healthy way for expectant mothers to relieve discomfort and prepare their bodies for childbirth.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care Benefits

The body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy, such as an altered center of gravity and stress on joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves that ultimately causes discomfort and pain. Chiropractic adjustments can help ease these symptoms by realigning the joints and spine, reducing the pressure on the body. Beyond immediate pain relief, prenatal chiropractic adjustments also improve the body’s flexibility and align the pelvis, ultimately allowing for faster and easier delivery, thereby decreasing the chances of a potential cesarean delivery. The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care are diverse and unique to each patient, helping to maintain healthier pregnancies, relieve back, neck, and joint pain, and support overall well-being.