For many athletes, injuries become a part of the game. When an athlete does suffer an injury, they may want to return to the game as quickly and safely as possible. Along with traditional medicines and treatments like physical therapy, a wellness center can provide extra treatment options to help an athlete heal.

An injured athlete could consider the use of a PEMF therapy mat to help focus on specific injuries. Known as a pulsed electromagnetic field, the therapy process has shown multiple benefits to athletes who need to heal and recover from injury. Learn some of the specific ways PEMF therapy can help athletes and how the tools become implemented through healing.

1. Injuries & Inflammation

Many injuries can cause inflammation in the body. An athlete may suffer from a sprain, pulled muscle, or broken bones that lead to inflammation around the area. PEMF therapy can help reduce the inflammation on a person’s body. The treatment will typically include a PEMF mat that the person lies on. The electro-magnet reacts with the body to reduce inflammation.

The faster inflammation can go down, the quicker the body can heal. A wellness center may also offer wearable PEMF products. For example, a baseball pitcher with shoulder inflammation could wear a PEMF therapy product directly on their shoulder for more targeted treatments. With the targeted treatment, the person can heal those specific areas at a faster rate.

During an initial consultation, the professionals at a wellness center will determine the main areas of injury and the treatment options available. Through this process, the athlete will get a personalized treatment plan catered specifically to their injuries. For example, an athlete with more severe injuries may need multiple PEMF therapy appointments in a single week.

2. Bone Breaks & Healing

If an athlete suffers a broken bone, then the healing process could feel long and strenuous. PEMF therapy has been used on bone breaks for years, and some studies suggest the use of electromagnetic fields can help bones heal faster. The magnets seem to activate something in the body to help bones fuse together and bond faster.

The ability to speed up bone healing can make a big difference in an athlete’s path back to the field. If their bone heals faster, then they can start physical therapy sooner to build up muscle, test strength, and complete exercises to ensure everything heals correctly.

In an effort to speed up the process, a wellness center may recommend PEMF treatments for multiple days of the week. Along with the PEMF treatments, professionals may seek more X-rays to track the progress of bone healing. The X-rays can showcase differences and the healing speed compared to the average healing time for similar bone breaks.

3. Athletes & Mental Health

An injury affects more than just the physical health of an athlete. When an athlete is forced to miss a significant amount of game time, their mental health could be impacted as well. An athlete could feel depressed, sad, or hopeless. PEMF treatments also work with depression.

Athletes can use a PEMF mat to perform stretches, relax their minds, and reduce the mental impacts of an injury. Through consultation, professionals can dive deep into the issues and see what positive impacts PEMF therapy has. Results vary for everyone, and the PEMF can often pair with other professional services like therapy.

If you want to help heal from athletic injuries, consider our PEMF treatment options at Roach Family Wellness. Our professionals have years of experience with PEMF machines and can guide you in the right direction for all kinds of healing.