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Hyalgan Viscosupplementation

Are you experiencing knee pain or stiffness? Have you ever been diagnosed with “osteoarthritis” of the knee? If so, we can help! Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that causes the joints to become stiff and painful. Osteoarthritis also causes the protective cover of cartilage at the end of your bones to wear down. This causes your bones to rub against each other, which results in stiffness, swelling and pain. 

At Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine, we offer Hyalgan viscosupplementation knee injections. Hyalgan (sodium hyaluronate), is a natural product that is found in your body’s own joint tissue and fluid.  This product is injected directly into the knee joint to help lubricate the joints and provide “cushion” between the bones. Hyalgan is given once a week for five weeks 

Muscle & Joint Injections – Trigger Points, Elbows, Shoulders, Knees, Pelvis, Wrists, Ankles – (All natural joint and muscle injections)  The wide majority of our injections are done with a biological medicine called Sarapin which is derived from the pitcher plant.  This substance is natural and a lot safer than cortisone and it can be used to treat chronic pain to reduce inflammation and to provide pain relief.  More importantly, unlike its chemical counterpart cortisone, Sarapin has no known side effects. 

Trigger Point Injections

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are hyperirritable spots located in taut bands of skeletal muscle. Trigger points are a common cause of pain that is frequently overlooked by many healthcare providers. They can occur almost anywhere in the body, but more commonly occur in the upper, mid, and low back. Repetitive use of muscles, heavy lifting, poor posture, stress, and even prolonged sitting may cause damage to the muscle and connective tissue. This leads to a tight muscle band that can cause pain and limit motion. 

How do you treat trigger points?

Trigger points can be treated with injections. Trigger point injections are used to help “break up” the tight muscle tissue which helps take away pain and restore normal function.  At Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine, we use a product called Sarapin. Sarapin is a natural product that comes from the Pitcher plant. It works by stopping pain signals in the nerves of the spine where they exit the spinal column. Cortisone, on the other hand, is a chemical medicine with many dangerous side effects (infection, nerve/bone/tissue damage, skin/bone thinning, and hyperglycemia). This is why we prefer Sarapin over Cortisone for our trigger point injections.

Vitamin B12

The B vitamins are helpful for proper digestion, maintaining healthy nerve and red blood cells, cognitive function, energy and endurance, immune function, nerve function, and helps with vision problems

MIC Injections

These injections include a combination of lipotropic agents and vitamins that are believed to support liver function and promote excretion of fat. These injections give you the energy to lose weight more effectively and quickly.

The B-12 in the MIC injection also activates their fat reduction properties.

Diagnostic Testing - Digital X-ray, Neurodiagnostics, and Diagnostic Ultrasound – Here in our clinic we find out the source of your pain and eliminate it.  These tests will allow us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and allow us to pinpoint the cause of your problem.  By doing that we will be able to make effective treatment recommendations that will help you get better faster, stay well longer and get you back on the road to HEALTH.

Durable Medical Equipment – Posture Pumps, Tens Units, Back Braces, Knee Braces, Wrist Splints, etc – These are all effective and specific tools that we will utilize to help reduce pain levels, improve daily function and restore quality of life while your underlying condition(s) is corrected through rehabilitation.



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