Medical Massage Therapy

massage2Massage therapy is effective as preventative care to support your wellness or as a therapy to relieve pain and increase mobility. Massage therapy will not only make you feel good, it can naturally help improve your body’s balance and health. Used in conjunction with chiropractic care, massage therapy is an especially powerful approach to healing and healthy living, supporting your overall vitality and resilience.

Massage therapy is a cost effective, natural way to relieve tension and pain, and it is covered by most insurance policies. Massage therapy offers a natural treatment approach that can actually relieve musculoskeletal pain. As a component of chiropractic care, massage will increase the effectiveness of your treatment and decrease recovery time.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

massage1The benefits of massage therapy can include:

• Improved blood circulation
• Reduction in swelling
• Relief from muscle pain and spasms
• Increased range of motion
• Support for your immune system

Massage Services at Roach Family Wellness

fsmtacolorlogo-298x300At Roach Family Wellness, we recognize the full benefits of massage and offer services to accommodate all of our patients’ needs. Each massage therapy plan is tailored to address your unique condition, whether it be due to pain, injury, or tension.

Our licensed Massage Therapists offer 30- and 60-minute massages that are full-body or focused on a specific problem, whatever you or your doctor prefers. We have a hydro massage bed and offer massage packages to accommodate your specific wellness needs.
Massage therapy- to include but not limited to effleurage, cross friction, tapotement, and trigger point massage, and spa type extras like aroma therapy, hot towels, hot stones.

Manual therapy includes mobilizations and stretching, manual lymphatic drainage, kneading of the muscles, manual traction, trigger point therapy, and acupressure. We also offer instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. This uses specialized stainless steel tools that are used to break down scar tissue, tissue fibrosis, and fascial restrictions. We also offer services for spinal and postural rehab and kinesio taping.

Contact us today to find out how massage therapy can improve your well-being.