Soft Tissue Injury: Graston and Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques

graston1This technique uses specialized stainless steel tools to scrape injured tissue and break up scar tissue and adhesions, which is what prevents healthy muscle tissue from moving and functioning properly. The result of built up scar tissue and adhesions leads to painful problems. We’ll fix those problems and get you healthy again.


ptlmsRemoves muscle splinting, increases blood flow, and significantly decreases the possibility of the practitioner being hurt. Used during the acute phase of care for pain control and enhanced metabolic function for regeneration of the injured para-vertebral soft tissue, the PTLMS works amazingly fast for significant results. This is like a 45 minute massage done in 5 minutes!


thWe can tape any part of the body. It helps your body function better and move better especially when you have a soft tissue injury from working out or a car accident. It provides an extra layer of protection. It allows the body to move but not too much which could increase your injury. All athletes use kinesiotape to help prevent injury and help them to perform when they do have an injury. Every sports team from little league to Olympic athletes and the NFL use kinesiotape every day. Why should it only be for them? That is why we offer it here in our office.

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