Altamonte Springs Knee Pain Treatment Programs – Reduce Knee Pain and Heal Damaged Cartilage

In joints with arthritis or osteoarthritis, joint fluid breaks down, resulting in loss of cushion. This loss leads to decreased shock absorbency and increased friction, which can cause severe pain. At Roach Family Wellness, we help reduce that pain and heal your damaged cartilage with a natural, effective treatment program.

Our clinic’s treatment program, called “Viscosupplementation,” uses a substance naturally found in the body to replace the fluid, re-pad the knee and provide pain relief. This non-surgical treatment program has proven extremely effective for many of our patients.

Benefits of Our Knee Pain Treatment

31188084Our multi-specialty approach to treating knee pain promotes good health:

• Non-surgical
• Safe
• FDA-Approved
• Covered by Medicare and most major medical insurances
• Non-drug
• Fast pain relief

Better than Surgery

Unlike surgery, with our natural treatment program, there is very little risk involved and virtually no recovery time. We use a safe procedure that includes a series of ultrasound guided joint injections designed to re-lubricate your knee and relieve your pain. Injections are administered by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, and pain relief is usually almost instantaneous.

Contact Roach Family Wellness today to schedule a free consultation and get started on an effective treatment plan to end your knee pain.