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Are you looking for the "Best Orlando Chiropractor"? The most effective chiropractor in Central Florida?

How do you really determine the best chiropractor? Is it by how many patients the chiropractor sees or is it determined by the quality of service and how effective he/she is?

There are thousands of chiropractors throughout Florida and we feel that the best is determined by how effective he/she really is in helping people with their pain issues…wouldn't you agree?

Ever since Dr. Erik Roach began practicing within Central,FL patients have driven as far as Tampa,Fl and Daytona Beach just to come see him and this is no exaggeration!

In order to really find out how effective a chiropractor is you must first see if they have testimonials. Here at Roach Family Chiropractic we have a whole entire wall in our lobby that is dedicated to real patient testimonials…you must come in and check it out.

We've also posted some on our testimonial page just like the one you see above.  

When Ken came to us he was in pretty bad darn shape, suffering from lower back, shoulder, neck and knee pain! Poor guy seemed like he was praying for God just to throw him a little luck.

Let's just say Ken got a lot more than just luck and I think he would agree :-)

He is now completely pain free in his shoulder and we continue to improve his lower back!

You see, here at Roach Family Chiropractic we do not focus on temporary pain relief…we focus on the root cause  or issue of your problem and we then eliminate it. That is the way chiropractic care should be done!

We have now began accepting new patients within Orlando,Fl. We accept all types of insurance.


Give us a call for any questions that you may have…let us know what's bothering you. Oh and don't forget to take advantage of our Free Consultation..!



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