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Are you in constant pain and/or facing complicated back surgery? If so, our Maitland chiropractic care services can help end your pain and keep you out of surgery. Our Maitland Chiropractic care rehabilitation programs are individualized to provide you with the most advanced techniques appropriate for your optimal health.

If you live in Maitland and are seeking chiropractic care to help improve your range of motion, relieving your pain, strengthening your body, or improving your performance, we teach you special exercises designed to address your unique situation. Our experience, skill and understanding of your specific needs will help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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Maitland Chiropractic offices are common, but Dr. Erik roach of Roach of Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine is a far cut above other Maitland Chiropractors. He has real proven results to help you feel better and relive your pain.

Hear directly from satisfied Maitland patients

cory Cory

“Dr. Roach is awesome!”

“Since my auto accident two months prior to starting treatment, I had pain in my neck, left shoulder and lower back. I couldn’t do many of my hobbies, and I was in a lot of pain. It also made work harder. Now I am feeling a lot better than I did before the treatments. My sinus problems are gone too.”

rosane_gRosane G.

“I can sleep now and now I am working without any problems!”

“My back was very bad and my face was numb for a very long time. I just couldn’t sleep anymore and it affected me at work. I saw Roach Family Wellness’ website along with my husband, and I liked what I saw. Since I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Roach Family Wellness, my life is getting back to how it was before all this pain.”

sonia    Sonia

“I have more energy and I sleep very good.”

I suffered from neck and back pain for about 15 years. Since I’ve been in chiropractic treatment with Roach Family Wellness, I am feeling so much better!”

sheryl_s   Sheryl S.

“I had seen many chiropractors before Roach Family Wellness over the years without receiving the same care. I often felt the need to crack my neck later in the day because of discomfort. Sometimes I needed to return the same day! I have never felt the need to call Dr. Roach’s office to complain that I still hurt!”

“I had chronic back pain in my upper back, neck stiffness and lower back pain for over 5 years. I was always tired and irritable. With Roach Family Wellness’ care, I am in a better mood from not being in such discomfort.”

mike_h    Mike H.

“Roach Family Wellness is the best!”

“I had back pain for 6 months. It restricted what I could do, like daily activities, work around the house, etc. Chiropractic care with Roach Family Wellness has increased my health awareness and knowledge. It has improved my physical mobility.” 

Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine is here to help with our Maitland chiropractic services such as:
• Spinal Decompression Therapy
• Car Accident Injury Care
• Weight Loss
• Stress Relief
• Headaches/Migraines
• Medical Screenings

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