Fact: Dr. Erik Roach has a 96% healing Success Rate…!

Your Benefit: You can rest assure that we’ll do everything we can to finally get rid of your pain!

Fact: 83% of people that see a chiropractor only seem to get temporary pain relief and keep going back to the doctor…

Your Benefit: We find the root cause of your pain and completely get rid of the source, allowing you to live an enjoyable pain free life…!We don’t use band-aid approaches here.

That is exactly what we do different at Roach Family Chiropractic, we do the work to find out exactly what is causing your pain and we perform the treatments necessary to completely relieve or get rid of whatever is causing the pain.

We do not use temporary pain relief tactics unless you are in immediate sharp pain at the moment, but we mainly focus on the root cause, which is exactly what’s going to allow you to live a better life.

First Step: Your first step is to call us and schedule your FREE Consultation….This is where we can find out exactly what’s wrong and create a step by step plan that is going to help you.

Call Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine at 407-647-2009 today or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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